We're going to  Kinidaros', the village where our hike starts. We first go through the village, up the stairs to the left, past the elementary school until we left the village behind us.
Then we follow a piece of the farm road and the sidewalk with a broom broom to the river bed. There we will make our first stop on the river at a hidden place in a Oleander Paradise!

A special vegetation!The walk is now partly along the river bed!
On ancient footpaths we continue until we reach the second special place.

Break - time to enjoy, with the special company of a nice river turtle family!

Afterwards we continued on foot and by collecting Oregano, thyme and sage-headed - an intense aroma therapy - until we reach our destination, the village, Eggares '.

In the best tavern of the place we will eat delicious appetizers, with products directly from farmers in the village.

You need all five senses to hike, therefore: one hour break for 's lunch is one of the walk!

A real reward for each guest!

Until we are picked up directly from Tavern for our journey back towards the island capital, Hora.

Hiking time: a total of 3 hours and 35 minutes.
Transfer time: 37 minutes total.